Services & Solutions

M&E Components is a full service company helping businesses better manage their programs through a proven range of manufacturing, production, fulfillment and sourcing services. Because our experienced staff understands your needs, you can rely on M&E Components to lower your costs, improve on your design, and provide complete customer satisfaction.

  • Engineering & Design

    Engineering & Design

    M&E’s engineering team is available and prepared to design many types of projects, from small injection molded parts to large assemblies of plastic, wood, metal, and more. Our engineers combine the necessary knowledge, creativity, and capability to work out the toughest designs, or make simple solutions for previously difficult projects. By using the latest solid modeling software, our engineers can fully convey concepts to our customers.

  • Prototyping


    Our prototype department is ready to take your renderings and or engineering, and produce parts to spec using the exact production materials. Our staff is ready to offer ideas, recommendations and expertise that will allow you to decide which materials are correct for each application. We make our prototypes “production ready,” which ensures the prototype matches your original ideas.

  • Warehousing


    M&E has two plants with over 600,000 square feet of warehouse space to store your valuable products. With our bar code inventory system and internet based tracking system, we can warehouse and provide fulfillment for any requirements you have. Each warehouse is temperature controlled, fully equipped with theft and fire alarms, and staffed with professional employees to oversee your storage needs.

  • Assembly


    M&E Components’ assembly and packing department brings years of experience to a production aspect which many take for granted. We offer this as an added function to make the part fabrication process complete. Whether the unit is a simple wire product, packed one per bag or box, a knock down, or a fully assembled display, your product will be completed with the highest quality standards and attention to detail.

  • Fulfillment


    M&E Components is a true one stop-shop. The many services we offer will enable you to concentrate on your company’s core abilities. With our capabilities we can completely manage all aspects of your fulfillment process from manufacturing to shipping, no matter how many items and destinations you have.

  • Color Matching


    M&E has strategically aligned with China based manufacturers and vendors to support your overseas projects. We employ a full time, M&E paid person located in our Shanghai office to negotiate, perform Q.C. inspections, and manage projects throughout the manufacturing process to ensure your project arrives as designed and engineered. We also offer what we call the “Domestic Guarantee.” We will produce part of your project in our Joliet, IL plant, and have the balance produced overseas. This combines the turn around time of domestic production with the cost savings of oversea production.

  • Color Matching

    Color Matching

    M&E can color match your components or products. With our heat generated dying processes for plastic components, or painting or japanning of metal fasteners, we will make your hardware match the color you require.